Compliance Corner

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Several different items have come up recently concerning the CC&Rs that might impact YOU. Bulk Trash Pick-Up The City of Flagstaff is at least five weeks behind on Bulk Trash pick-up. Homeowners who are concerned that the HOA will be fining them for the items on the curb should not worry; we are aware of […]

Chapter 11 Reorganization Update

Update on Lake Elaine Negotiations as of 9/28: A long-scheduled mediation with the lakefront owners that was to take place on September 23 under the guidance of Judge Ballinger has been delayed at the request of the lakefront owners. It is now scheduled for November 4. We are looking forward to the opportunity to sit […]

Too Close To Call

The votes are in for the two proposals that together would create the funds needed to support Continental Country Club’s plan to emerge from Chapter 11 protection, but for both proposals, the vote is too close to call and a recount will be done this week. General Counsel Andrianne Speas announced at Saturday’s Special Meeting […]

The Voting Process on the Two Fees

Your vote is needed on the two fees that will be required to support the Plan of Reorganization. Here’s how the voting process will work.

HOA Board Spotlight: Jon Held

During his 2020-2021 term as President of our HOA, Jon Held and the rest of the Board faced two very different challenges impacting the Continental community. The first was how Continental would manage its facilities during the height of a global pandemic. The second was the tough decision to address Continental’s long-standing fiscal issues by […]

The Value of Your HOA

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If you’ve ever wondered about the value of your homeowner association, studies on the impact of HOAs show that they have a positive impact on the value of your property – even if you never use any of the amenities offered in your community. Certainly, the first thing people think about with HOAs are the […]