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Compliance Corner

Several different items have come up recently concerning the CC&Rs that might impact YOU.

Bulk Trash Pick-Up

The City of Flagstaff is at least five weeks behind on Bulk Trash pick-up. Homeowners who are concerned that the HOA will be fining them for the items on the curb should not worry; we are aware of the back-up.

But while we are on the topic, here’s the rules and regs concerning bulk trash. Bulk trash items shall not be placed curbside earlier than one week prior to the scheduled pick up date; provided, however, neatly stacked bags of pine needles, leaves and other yard refuse may be placed curbside at any time. Piles in excess of 5’x5’x10’ which are not bagged, boxed, or bundled will not be picked up. Bulk pick up starts on Mondays and goes through Fridays.

Approved Bulk Trash Items:

  • Limbs: 6-8 feet long and less than 10 inches in diameter
  • Extra Household Trash: Bagged, boxed or bundled
  • Yard Debris: Bagged, boxed or bundled
  • Small Furniture: Neatly stacked at curb (No large oversized furniture)

Items Not Approved for Bulk Trash:

  • Appliances: (928) 213-2110 to schedule a pick up
  • Hazardous Waste: (928) 213-2159 to schedule pick up
  • Construction Material: (928) 213-2110 to order a dumpster
  • Tires: (928) 526-2735 for more information


Homeowners have been parking their vehicles on their lots in their front landscaping and not in garages, driveways or parking slabs. CC&Rs indicate that all vehicles must be parked in the garage, in the driveway, or in areas designed specifically for parking vehicles. Parking vehicles on lots (off driveways and parking slabs) is prohibited.

Landscaping and Exterior Maintenance

Due to the heavy amount of monsoon rains, homeowners need to pay special attention to yard maintenance. Dead or dormant natural grasses and wildflowers must be cut in the fall to a height of no more than fifteen inches (15”). Weeds are not permitted.

Dead plants, shrubs, trees, and other vegetation must be removed promptly. Flowers and wild grasses shall be pruned/cut once dormant to avoid an unsightly appearance.