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Continental Strives to Help Dark Skies

Continental is working to help Flagstaff’s “dark skies” initiative.

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) named Flagstaff the first International Dark Sky city in 2001. The designation recognized the city’s longtime leadership on the issue. Flagstaff is home to both Lowell Observatory and the U.S. Naval Observatory’s Flagstaff Station.

What is the IDA? 

The IDA’s purpose is to protect the night sky from light pollution. It provides leadership, tools and resources to promote responsible outdoor lighting that is beautiful, healthy and functional while preserving dark skies.

Does the City of Flagstaff have an ordinance against light pollution?

The city enacted the world’s first outdoor lighting ordinance in 1958. The city has been recognized for its pioneering work in developing and implementing regulations that balance the need to preserve dark skies with the need for safe lighting practices. For more information about Flagstaff Zoning Code and Lighting Standards, click here.

How does this impact Continental Country Club and its residents?

Continental Country Club is striving to become completely Dark Sky compliant in 2021! The Continental staff is working on proposed language to add to the Single Family Rules & Regulations to assist the greater Flagstaff community in reducing light pollution.