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Maintaining & Improving Your Property This Spring

There’s nothing like the first days of spring to make homeowners want to tidy up and refresh their residences. It’s the start of spring cleaning and home improvement season, and we want to make sure you have easy access to your HOA CC&R’s as you move forward with your plans.

Maintaining Your Property

All residential lots at Continental Country Club should be free of items that are unsightly and could cause a dangerous condition. This includes litter, trash, debris, construction materials, compost piles and landscaping clippings. If you are changing up your property, remember to clean it up afterwards.

Landscaping is also important for the general beauty of our community. So please make sure that all dead plants, shrubs, trees or other vegetation is removed. Keep grass and wildflowers trimmed and remove weeds.

Parking & RVs

This is the time of year where we need to remind you that the construction of additional parking slabs is prohibited unless approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to construction. Approved parking areas may be constructed of poured concrete, paver or compacted gravel.

Often, the desire for more parking is linked to proud ownership of a motorhome or RV trailer. However, these items can only be parked on a lot for up to 72 hours in any 14-period. This is so you can perform maintenance or clean your vehicle; not so you can store it on your property. Fortunately, Continental Country Club offers overnight motorhome and trailer parking in a common area lot. Arrangements for the temporary parking must be made by contacting Community Standards Officer Todd Tanner. You can reach Todd by calling (928) 526-5125 Ext 2205 or emailing him at

Exterior Building Changes

We are thrilled when we see home improvements done in our community, but want to remind you that before starting any exterior alteration to your home (including painting, siding, roof and decks), you need to fill out an architectural design review for approval by the Architectural Control Committee. Failure to comply with these rules may result in fines. You can get your form on the AppFolio (the online homeowner portal) or pick up a printed copy at the Front Desk.