Rental Term Amendment

Frequently Asked Questions

(Included with Consent Form mailed July 10, 2020 and updated weekly)

The proposed amendment gives consideration to any owner who has rented a lot for less than thirty days prior to the recording of the amendment and allows them to continue renting their lot in this manner for the earlier of 1 year from the date the amendment is recorded or upon title change to the lot.

If this amendment passes, you can rent your property for 30 days or more in accordance with the CC&R’s and Rules and Regulations. The amendment will only restrict rentals less than thirty consecutive days.

This amendment seeks to find a balance between one person’s right to do what they wish with their property and another person’s right to enjoy their property. This amendment doesn’t preclude someone from renting their property but it would prohibit them from renting it on a short-term basis (less than 30 consecutive days).

Yes-Pine Canyon, Forest Highlands require rentals to be at least 30 days.

There are rules in place to monitor these problems and they will be enforced. The shorter-term-rentals created problems that often were difficult to enforce, as the renter had already moved on.

A Continental homeowner can report a short-term rental issue to the Flagstaff Police Department whether it’s an emergency or a non-emergency. All calls for service are dispatched based on severity and priority, which can result in a delay in response time. In early 2019, Continental hired Southwest Security for on-call after hours response to expedite response time.

Southwest Protective Services: 928-774-4645

All reported complaints through Continental Country Club and Southwest Security will be routed to Flagstaff Police Department to ensure the situation does not escalate.

Unfortunately, this is an issue that could affect anyone at any time if a home near you is purchased for use as a short-term rental.  Any home can be purchased or converted into a short-term rental at any time, then advertised to accommodate multiple families or groups.

No changes were made to the law this year that would require rentals to be a minimum of 30 days. Right now the law requires that any minimum lease term be in the CC&Rs. An amendment to the CC&Rs is the most effective way to address this matter.

Yes. There is a company that now works with homeowners and offices to rent their facilities by the hour.

Consent Forms aren’t counted unless they are submitted. If you want your voice to count – whether it is to approve or not approve the proposed amendment – you need to submit the consent form.

When Continental Country Club receives a complaint about a violation of our Rules for Single Family Homes including trash, parking problems, suspected rental to more than one family and noise or other disturbances we take the following steps to address the complaint:

  • If the infraction occurred in the past and is no longer in progress
    • If the Homeowner has taken photographs or videos of the infraction Continental can investigate the complaint.
    • Continental will document that a complaint was filed against a property.
  • If the infraction is still occurring
    • Luke or a representative from Southwest Security can go to the offending property and try to obtain photographs or videos of the offense
  • If an infraction of the rules is deemed to have occurred
    • Continental Country Club will enforce in accordance with the HOA Violation Enforcement Policy and Fine Schedule.

This amendment was unanimously passed by the Board of Directors and it is now the Homeowners who will determine whether this Amendment is passed or not. The Board of Directors is contacting Homeowners who have not yet submitted their consent forms, we will have a table at the Club House where individuals may complete their consent forms, and we will be going door-to-door to meet Homeowners who have not yet completed their consent forms.

Continental Country Club regularly scans for these reviews and does contact the Property Owners. Enforcement of any of our rules and or CC&R’s should always be done with proof and or witnessed by a staff member of Continental Country Club.

Consent Forms aren’t counted unless they are submitted. If you want your voice to count – whether it is to approve or not approve the proposed amendment – you need to submit the consent form.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please call the Continental Country Club Office at (928) 526-5125.