Rental Term Amendment

Short-Term Rental Pros and Cons

(Included with Consent Form mailed July 10, 2020​)


  • Allows owners to derive short-term rental income from their property
  • Renters who are respectful of the Continental Country Club can appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding area
  • Renters bring business to Continental Golf Course and Oakmont
  • Short-Term Rental visitors contribute tax dollars to Flagstaff


  • Renters who do not comply with the CC&Rs creating unnecessary problems for part-time and full-time residents
  • Renters who treat the property like a hotel
  • Complaints to the Association about weekend or nightly rentals that include late night partying, trespassing, on street parking and excessive trash
  • Multiple families or large groups leasing a single-family residence which is in violation of the CC&Rs