Continental Country Club Blog

Non-Golfer Use of Continental’s Golf Course

We understand that our golf course with its undulating fields of green, water features and beautiful views of the San Francisco Peaks, is a big amenity – even if you’ve never held a 9-iron.

However, out of respect to our golfing guests, we are asking you to review these guidelines for non-golf use of our course so that both our golf members and our neighbors can enjoy the course.

Having anyone other than golfers or club employees on the course during play can not only be a distraction, it can be a potential hazard. Therefore, during golf play times (roughly 6 am through 8 pm, although this can vary depending on the season, weather conditions and other factors) no one other than players and club employees can be on the course.

In general, the courses are “in play” when flags are in place on the greens. Should there be golfers completing their play after closing time, non-golfers need to yield to the players.

During non-golf hours (generally, 5 – 6 am and 8 – 10 pm) homeowners are welcome on the course and can have access to the cart paths or the area within 10 yards of the course boundary line or fence.

Acceptable non-golf activities are walking, jogging, and leashed dog-walking. Unleashed animals are not permitted and pet owners need to clean up after their pets (please don’t use the course’s waste receptacles to dispose of pet waste).

Bicycle riding, skateboarding, using scooters or roller skates, or fishing in the club’s lakes and ponds are activities that are never permitted on the course.

Each night, there is a curfew from 10 pm to 5 am, during which time no one is permitted on the course. Additionally, no one is permitted on the course during frost conditions or during overseeding, as walking or engaging in activities on the turf can cause severe damage.

These rules are enforced by the club and, if necessary, by Flagstaff law enforcement officials, if violated.

Telephone calls related to security issues on the golf course after hours should be made to the Flagstaff Police Department’s non-emergency phone number: (928) 779.3646 or 911 in case of an emergency. During daylight hours, you can call the main CCC clubhouse line or the Golf Shop.