Continental Country Club Blog

Some Thoughts on Entering the New Year

As we begin another year, we’d like to offer some thoughts about how we all can make our community an even better place to live in the New Year and beyond.

Responsibility. We all take responsibility for adhering to rules and meeting our financial obligations to the community so we can avoid the costly and unpleasant task of pursuing legal actions.

Sharing. We share our ideas, perspectives and concerns so we can all work together to build an even better community.

Fellowship. We actively participate in the recreational, social and cultural activities of the community.

Involvement. We attend association meetings and take the time to review important information about our community.

Inclusiveness. We actively welcome new residents, making all owners and renters feel part of the community.

Pride. We are proud to live in this community and recommend it to others who are looking for a good place to call home.

As members of the elected board, we will certainly strive to do our part. It’s our goal to serve as neighborhood facilitators and regard our authority as a temporary stewardship, even as we plan for a future well beyond our tenure on the board.

We wish you a happy and healthy new year!