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Things to Know: Voting on Special Assessments & Dues Increases

Continental Country Club is a complicated community comprised of single-family homes, 15 Townhome/Condominium subdivisions, and two timeshare associations, each with their own CC&Rs. The answer to this question of whether and when they can vote in elections, changes to annual dues, proposed special assessments or altering the CC&Rs depends on the issue under consideration. 

Proposed Special Assessment: Per the terms of various governing documents, all 2,395 members of Continental Country Club have the right to vote in a special assessment. 

Proposed Increase to the Annual Dues Amount: Townhome/condominium owners do not have an inherent “right” to vote on increasing the annual dues amount with the following exceptions:

  • If the Association were to propose an annual dues increase of more than 20% over the prior year’s dues, then, by law, the dues increase must be approved by a majority of the entire 2,395 members.
  • If the Association were to propose an annual dues increase of 20% or less over the prior year’s dues, then the Board can pass a resolution allowing townhome/condominium members to vote on a proposed dues increase, in addition to the voting requirements of the single family owners found in the single family CC&Rs. This one-time resolution would apply only for the immediate proposed increase.

Voting for Board of Directors: All 2,395 members of Continental Country Club have an equal vote in voting for the Board of Directors. 

Approving amendments to CC&Rs: The Continental Country Club Amended and Unified CC&Rs (CCC CC&Rs) only apply to certain single-family home subdivisions within Continental Country Club. Only those lots subject to the CCC CC&Rs may approve amendments to the CCC CC&Rs, just like the only individuals who can approve amendments to each townhome/condominium declaration are those individuals subject to their specific declaration.

We understand that this is an important time for our community and our Association, and we will continue to provide information in continued weekly ‘THINGS TO KNOW’ messages on related topics.

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