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Too Close To Call

The votes are in for the two proposals that together would create the funds needed to support Continental Country Club’s plan to emerge from Chapter 11 protection, but for both proposals, the vote is too close to call and a recount will be done this week.

General Counsel Andrianne Speas announced at Saturday’s Special Meeting of the Members that a recount of ballots from single-family homeowners would take place before Continental’s next scheduled appearance in U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Thursday, August 4.

Both the proposed dues increase and special assessment received far more than the minimum participation needed to constitute a quorum, and in both cases, the total number of votes by all homeowners favored the fees by more than 73 percent.

But, under Continental’s Governing Document requirements, 2/3 of all single-family homeowners participating in the vote must approve any dues increases or special assessments. In both the dues increase and special assessment questions, the votes were too close to call, necessitating the recount of all single-family homeowner ballots.

Here’s the breakdown of the initial vote totals announced Saturday:

Dues Increase

  • Total number of votes submitted: 1,804 (75.32% of homeowners)
  • Single-family homeowners: 650 yes / 318 no (67.15% approval)
  • All other homeowners: 682 yes / 154 no (81.58% approval)

Special Assessment

  • Total number of votes submitted: 1,757 (73.36% of homeowners)
  • Single-family homeowners: 609 yes / 309 no (66.34% approval)
  • All other homeowners: 678 yes / 161 no (80.81% approval)

Continental Board Vice President Jon Held thanked voters for the high turnout and thanked resident volunteers who helped count the absentee ballots on July 29 and the in-person ballots cast during the special meeting.

Once the recount is conducted and vote totals finalized, it will be announced. In the meantime, please visit the Chapter 11 Reorganization page of our website for updates or email General Manager Tahlia Murray with any questions you may have about the vote.